Bring Your Vacant Property to Life

Wondering what to do with your vacant commercial property? Let us give you some inspiration. Breathing new life into empty spaces is at the heart of our business: we’re a close-knit, experienced team dedicated to delivering vacant property solutions with social purpose.

In addition to our successful property guardian schemes for residential properties, we offer expertise in reducing the costs associated with empty commercial buildings. Our solutions ensure your space is safe and secure, as well as creating positive social impact.

How can The Lowe Group help you?

We offer a trusted, consultative approach to finding meanwhile uses for your vacant commercial property; offer you innovative options that revitalise your building, create community engagement, and make significant savings on those hefty business rate charges.

Vacant property management with purpose

So, how can you reduce the cost of your unoccupied building? Our proven range of services can resolve the issues caused by leaving a commercial property empty. Not only can we reduce the costs associated with vacant properties – helping you save 80% on your business rates bill – we can even help you generate income from it by repurposing the space.

We truly believe that unused properties should never go to waste, and our thought-provoking solutions can give social value to empty commercial buildings by providing unique creative work-spaces.

What could your property become? We work closely with clients – from housing associations and local authorities to private landlords – to discover whether a property is suitable for creative or charitable occupation, for live-in guardians, or could simply benefit from our security services.

Imagine the possibilities

Think outside of those four walls – we can help you re-invent your empty building. Give your vacant property a new direction: could it become a novel work-space for a local charity, or a creative studio for nearby artists and makers? We know from experience that empty commercial spaces can become inspiring places in which to work and create.

We pride ourselves in finding the right business rate mitigation scheme best suited to our clients, and our customer base is varied. Each property we’ve provided solutions for has had its own set of challenges and opportunities, so we’re confident that no matter what type of commercial property you have, we can help.

There are three core options when it comes to reducing business rates on your vacant property:

1. Charitable Occupation

If you’re looking to create social impact through your empty property, charitable occupation is a great solution to create revenue whilst supporting the local community. We work with a selection of registered charities who utilise vacant properties to drive positive social change. We can provide guaranteed savings on business rates, as all charities we work with are registered with the charitable commission and are eligible for a mandatory 80% business rates relief. Read more about charities in occupation, such as this art centre in Woolwich.

2. Workspace Occupation

Support small local businesses, mitigate business rates, and lower your insurance premiums by creating flexible, unique workspaces in your vacant building. By offering your premises as a creative workspace to artists or small independent businesses, you’ll not only save money and protect your property, but your building will help others contribute to the community and stimulate the local economy.

3. Intermittent Occupation

This is a short-term solution – with a 100% track record of success. Intermittent occupation by our trusted property guardians for six weeks will activate the right to a further three-month period of relief from empty rate liability. Our property guardians – local key workers and young professionals – can save you money on business rates and provide your empty property with protection and security, while in return benefiting from safe and affordable accommodation. However, not all commercial properties are suitable for guardianship and may require some level of conversion.

It’s time to take action

Trust us to turn your vacant property into something that matters. To learn more about how The Lowe Group can give your empty building new purpose while saving you money on business rates, contact our experienced consultants today.

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