Empty Property Protection: Your Options

When you own a vacant property, you have a lot of responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is ensuring that your empty properties are safe and secure from potential intruders or squatters. You don’t want someone breaking into your property and living there without paying rent or causing other problems for you. Property protection for empty properties helps ensure that your buildings remain safe from squatters, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour that is common in these circumstances. This article will explore how vacant property protection works and what the best options are for you.

Why is Vacant Property Protection Necessary?

Vacant properties are more likely to be targeted by criminals, so they require special protection. There are many reasons why criminals might target vacant properties in particular, including:

  • Easier access and more likely to be unsecured
  • No tenants or homeowners occupying or actively protecting the property
  • They’re more likely to be out of sight and therefore noticed for suspicious activity
  • Less risk of being caught
  • They offer an available place to stay for people without a home to squat in your property
  • They provide a place to store and hide stolen goods
  • They offer potential to commit other crimes

Types of Protection for your Vacant Property

There are many different types of protection for empty properties. Security guards can protect your property round-the-clock and watch for potential intruders, vandals, and other possible issues, whilst an alarm system can scare off unwanted intruders and immediately alert the authorities. So which is the best option for you?

Live-In Guardians & Property Caretakers

Live-in property guardians are a fantastic way to protect your empty property. Property guardians or caretakers will live in your unused home to occupy the building and prevent the risk of squatters, break-ins and structural damage. It is a highly effective method of security that also creates a positive social impact and an economically sustainable solution for both guardians and property owners alike. Caretakers afford our clients a cost-effective solution to lowering insurance premiums, whilst providing them with an affordable accommodation option themselves. Learn more about our Vacant property guardian scheme here.

Security in Residence – Overnight Protection

If you want to ensure that your property is fully protected, you may want to invest in round-the-clock residential security. With security in residence services, you’ll have a security guard on duty staying overnight in the property in adapted residential quarters to ensure 24-hour protection. This means that you’ll never have to worry about your property being unguarded and unsecured, no matter what time of day it is. Round-the-clock security is ideal for empty properties that are situated in areas with a high crime rate or where there is a high chance of break-ins and vandalism. If a security guard is always on duty, they can immediately respond to any issues that occur, such as break-ins, vandalism, and other potential risks.

Manned Guarding

Another type of protection for vacant properties is manned guarding services. Whether you own a large property with a lot of vacant homes or are generally looking for the strongest protection option, manned guarding services offer professional security guards to watch your property around the clock. With manned guarding, you’ll have security guards on and around your premises 24/7. Security guards will protect your property to make sure that no one is trespassing or vandalising and can also act as preventative measures by monitoring the property for signs of suspicious activity, in order to prevent break-ins. With this level of protection, you can feel confident that your property is safe and secure, even when it’s unoccupied. Manned guarding services are ideal if you want to protect your property 24/7.

Alarms and Keyholding

An alternative option for vacant property protection is property alarms and keyholding services. With this type of protection, a security company will install an alarm system at your property and keep a key at their office. If the alarm goes off, the security company will respond immediately and handle the situation. Property alarms and keyholding services are ideal for properties that are unoccupied. If you have a rental property but the tenant isn’t scheduled to move in for a few months, for example, you can use property alarms and keyholding services to protect the property in the meantime.

Protect your Empty Property with LOWE

There are many risks associated with having vacant properties, and they must be properly protected to ensure that they do not fall victim to vandalism, squatting and other anti-social behaviour that can cause highly damaging and costly effects.

From more simple methods such as ensuring that all doors and windows are boarded up and having a trusted neighbour monitor them, to hiring professional security guards, utilising advanced technology and enforcing a higher level of security, evaluate your vacant property protection needs and start securing your premises today.

To enquire further about our vacant property services and how we can best help you, contact us today!