What Should you do with Your Empty Commercial Property?

If you own an empty commercial property, you will be aware that often the costs can become very expensive. Our vacant property management services aims to solve the issues caused by leaving your commercial property empty, while also benefiting the local community. But what are your options?

4 ways you can reduce costs and protect your empty commercial property

1. Property Guardians

Property guardians can provide your empty commercial property with protection and security, whilst benefiting from a safe and affordable housing solution for key workers and young professionals. Property Guardians can save you costs on high business rates while at the same time reducing the risk of attracting squatters.

2. Create Workspace

The second option for your empty commercial property is to create flexible, high quality workspaces to support small business and the local community. Not only will you be protecting your empty property from squatting, mitigating business rates and lowering insurance premiums, but your property will be used to contribute to the community and stimulate local economies.

3. Charitable Occupation

If you are looking to create social impact through your empty commercial property, charitable occupation could be a great option. We work with a curated selection of registered charities who utilise vacant properties to drive positive social impact and change within local communities. This is a great solution to create revenue whilst supporting the local community.

Secure your Empty Property

Leaving a property empty for a long period of time can increase the chances of attracting squatters which can become very expensive. There are a number of different options available to protect your empty commercial property, such as:

    • Security in Residence
    • Caretaking services
    • Manned Guarding Services
    • Empty Property Alarms
    • Key Holding Services

Protect your empty commercial property with The LOWE Group Today

Here at The LOWE Group, ​​all our empty commercial property services are completely tailor-made to suit your property, designed to protect your vacant building while creating social impact within the local community. Get in touch with our team today who would be happy to discuss the options for you.