How Guardians Can Help you Sell your Property

We understand that in these uncertain times, plans with properties change frequently. As the UK’s premier property guardian company, we have a proven track record of successfully securing vacant buildings against squatting, mitigating empty business rates and lowering insurance premiums for property owners. At the same time, utilising vacant properties to provide safe, secure and affordable accommodation for local key workers.

If you are currently looking after or advising on a vacant property and would like to know how to keep your vacant building secure, while creating social impact, we would love to talk to you. Here are the key ways in which we can help you sell your property and ensure that it is secure:

Aid with Access Requirements

Throughout the sale process, LOWE Guardians are on hand to provide full access to the property, including access to all rooms, with 24 hours’ notice.

Head Guardians Assist with Viewings

We appoint responsible Head Guardians at our properties outside London, to oversee the management of each building on a day-to-day basis. Head Guardians act as a representative and work with LOWE to keep us informed and aware of any potential issues. If the client or one of their contractors, agents or representatives wants to gain access to the property, Head Guardians can assist with viewings and take tours of the property. They can also enable community meetings onsite, ensuring a more efficient development process or sale.

Guardians Keep the Building Secure

Vacant properties are very attractive to squatters and are susceptible to break-ins, vandalism, anti-social behaviour, structural damage and arson. By placing our carefully vetted guardians within your property they have a contractual obligation to be present and care for the building, mitigating building damage. This means that the property remains in meaningful use, the site is secure and kept in good condition, with no cost on traditional security measures.

Secure Buildings for Future Buyers

LOWE are able to offer a continuation service to the property’s future owners, ensuring the property remains protected until its new use is complete. As all guardians sign a licence agreement to occupy the building, the property will remain on a monthly rolling contract and be protected by LOWE Guardians until the new owners are ready to redevelop through LOWE’s continuation service. LOWE will then hand the property back, fully vacant, within 32 days.

Flexible Arrangements

We’re incredibly flexible. We typically enter into short term agreements (minimum 3 months) with property owners, and when a client requires their property back, only 32-days of notice is required thereafter. So we can fit in seamlessly with your plans from the time of being instructed, all through way through the sale process.

If you have a vacant property and you would like to find out how our bespoke service can work for you, contact us today for a free consultation report with our recommendations on how best to protect your building.
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