The SHED Project

Our breakthrough shed concept set to transform the guardian industry

A flexible solution for the short term, a responsible solution for the long term

As many of you will know by now, LOWE is all about providing quality and affordable accommodation for London’s young professionals by making the most out of vacant buildings.

As you can imagine, the vacant buildings we assess can vary hugely in both condition and function. Sometimes the sheer or size or layout of properties means we are unable to take them on.

We want to be able to secure more vacant buildings for clients. As a business, our aim is to help London professionals and keyworkers as much as we can. We’re constantly looking at ways to innovate and become more efficient.

Aside from London’s young professionals, the service we provide also benefits landlords as we provide them with a professional, efficient and low-cost solution to the problems created by leaving a building vacant.

Derelict warehouses remain a huge, untapped potential for us that could benefit guardians and property owners alike. However, the reality has always been that turning vast, open spaces into private rooms for guardians has always been both tricky and time consuming.

Now though, we believe that we’ve developed a solution. Very soon, we’ll be able to take on bigger, more derelict properties that have huge potential for providing quality accommodation. In other words, we think we’ve come up with a way to support more guardians.

We’ve teamed up with Studio Bark to create the SHED, a revolutionary solution for quality and affordable accommodation in vacant buildings.

What’s special about the SHED is that it is an environmentally friendly, self-contained solution for each individual guardian. What’s more, the SHED only takes one day to build and dismantle – all you need is a mallet and a drill! It minimises waste because it can be taken down and rebuilt in a different site.

The SHED is constructed from affordable, low-impact materials with a mixture of Oriented Strand Board (OSB), lamb’s wool insulation and a small amount of recycled polyester. All materials are made in the UK. Despite being a flexible product, the SHED is made of long-lasting, durable materials.

The SHED is all about self-build and it can be decorated or changed by guardians that are passionate about the space they occupy. We also want our guardians to get involved in building their own space (with our help of course) and take ownership of their living quarters. We also have the unique opportunity of build a new community of SHED builders.

Many of our guardians live fast-paced, transient lifestyles. In some ways, this makes it even more important that at the end of a busy day, they have a private space that is entirely personal to them. Our guardians want to have an impact on the space they live and the bespoke nature of the shed allows them to do that.

Society in our biggest cities is becoming more lucid, flexible, and dynamic. We believe that the SHED is perfectly designed to deal with the lives of our young professionals and creatives. Don’t be surprised if you see more and more of them cropping up in our various spaces across London.

If you have any questions on the SHED, or want to get in touch, please contact