Residential & On-Site Security

Our on-site security operatives stay overnight in the property in adapted residential quarters to ensure 24-hour security and round-the-clock response (if required). Our NSI Gold and ACS certified resident SIA security service includes risk analysis, property protection, monitored surveillance, management and reporting.

What is Residential Security?

Residential security consists of on-site security guards protecting the premises from privacy breaches, damage, criminal activity and other outside threats, operating 24-hour security round-the-clock. Residential security offers the property owner peace of mind that their premises and inside belongings are professionally safeguarded.

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When should you employ On-Site Security?

Leaving a property unoccupied can leave your premises in danger of anti-social behaviour and issues such as squatters, vandalism and structural damage. By employing our residential and on-site security services, you can prevent these problems from arising and feel confident and secure that your property is well-protected.

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