Angus is one of our key worker Ambassadors. He is currently a doctor at Queen’s Square Neurology hospital, having recently moved from the Covid-19 treatment centre at University College Hospital. Battling on the frontlines at the heart of a global pandemic is a far cry from his rural upbringing in the countryside outside of Oxford where his grandma was a sheep farmer. From there he moved to Oxford to study, before carrying on to London to begin his career. Angus has been a doctor for 5 years now, interspersed with time off training to pursue his passion for tropical medicine in global health. Angus has spent time working with refugees in the Calais Jungles, as well as a 6-month stint in Malawi volunteering at a rural clinic there.

Angus’ drive to carry out this incredibly valuable work is two-fold; to learn more and become ever more confident in managing all the problems that can affect the human body, and to try to make a difference for people outside of his everyday sphere.

“Working in our modern high-quality healthcare system, it’s easy to forget that there are people dying of very easily treatable diseases across the world. Whilst I worked in Malawi, we saw this first-hand, with people dying of diseases that should be easy to treat. This motivates me as the access to healthcare is so poor in some places that people die or become disabled by diseases that should not be a major problem.”

Working as a doctor means that every day, he is making a difference. His approach to working as a doctor is holistic, understanding the importance of people’s emotional wellbeing – be that the patient or their loved ones – and looking to facilitate the comfort and help they may need.

Angus’ enjoyment outside of work comes from running, and he has been participating in the Finsbury Park guardian boxing classes. He is also hoping to share his passion for reading with the LOWE community through a guardian virtual book club.

After living with LOWE for over a year, guardianship has been a good fit for Angus, offering him freedom, both in terms of contract and personalising a room. Communal living can be a challenge for some, and certainly finding a dynamic that works in the communal areas can take time, but Angus is the cheerful and calming presence that every shared house hopes for. He has converted a large part of the garden into an allotment, with lovely flowers throughout the year, and he has taken up baking cookies. And just in case you weren’t convinced that Angus is the loveliest, community minded guy out there, his secret skill is mimicking the song of the ‘great tit’.

Angus is excited to connect with other like-minded people across different properties and get involved with community projects to help improve the lives of fellow guardians.

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