How to Protect Vacant Property

When it comes to managing properties, keeping an eye on vacant properties is just as important as monitoring occupied ones. Vacant properties create a unique set of challenges. They require more frequent upkeep and have a higher risk of being targeted by vandalisers or squatters.

Different Methods on How to Protect your Vacant Property

With so many different factors coming into play, protecting your vacant property can feel like a challenging task that is impossible to monitor by yourself on a daily-basis. However, with the right resources in place, protecting your vacant property is easier than you think. Read on to discover LOWE’s best advice on how to protect your vacant property.

1. Install security measures from the get-go

Knowing how to best protect your property can avoid many of the challenges that come with manually monitoring them yourself. Installing security measures such as motion sensors, door and window alarms, and cameras before the property is vacant will allow you to monitor the property remotely and catch anything out of the ordinary. If a sensor is triggered, you can receive an alert and head to the property to check things out. This will help you avoid costly repairs to your property and give you peace of mind knowing the vacant property is protected. Keep in mind that some features, like security cameras, may require you to obtain a permit. Be sure to check the local laws and regulations before you install any equipment on or near the property.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is a prime way to keep an eye on your vacant property. You can choose both wired and wireless options depending on the layout of your building and the area surrounding it. Security cameras are the ideal tools for monitoring a vacant property and allow you to keep an eye on the exterior of the building as well as look out for signs of vandalism or theft. They also allow you to monitor the interior of the building for signs of squatters or illegal activity. Depending on your camera setup, you may also be able to view live footage from your smartphone. This will allow you to check in on the property and see what’s happening at any given moment. Make sure you check the local laws before installing security cameras however, as some areas require you to notify them if your security cameras are active near public spaces.

Alarms and Key Holding

Alarms are another crucial security measure that are a popular choice for vacant properties. The type of alarm you install will depend on the property’s use. For example, commercial alarms are loud enough to be heard indoors while residential alarms can be heard outdoors and both wired and wireless options are available. In addition to installing alarms, you may also want to consider using key holding services. This is when a property management company holds a key to the property and can provide a quick response service when in need. Our rigorous three-step service includes installation of robust wireless alarm systems, key holding and a response service to ensure maximum protection.

2. Ensure all Doors and Windows are sturdy and secure

The materials of your doors and windows greatly affect the amount of protection they provide your property. The best choice for protecting a vacant property is to install metal doors and windows. Metal doors and windows are sturdy and less likely to break during a break-in attempt. In the case that someone does manage to break through, they’re less likely to do significant damage to the rest of your property. You’ll also want to make sure that all the doors and windows are locked. While this may seem like an obvious tip, many property owners leave them unlocked, so let’s not make it easier for someone to gain access to your property!

3. Employ Manned Guarding Services

If you have a large property with a significant amount of foot traffic, you may want to consider employing manned guarding services. Manned guarding can offer added protection to your vacant property and look out for signs of vandalism or theft. They also allow you to monitor areas that are difficult to reach with cameras, such as the back and side of the property, whilst staying alert to any unusual activity in the area. Manned guarding services are primarily a preventative measure to stop thieves or squatters from breaking in, whether you believe your property could be prone to such anti-social activity or you just want some peace of mind. Doing so will save you money on potential repairs and replacement costs. Before you hire manned guards, be sure to check their credentials and references first; at The LOWE Group, our reliable team of professionals have been extensively vetted for just the job. This will help you avoid fraudulent practices and make sure the service is equipped to protect your property.

4.On-site Security Operatives

An alternative to installing cameras is hiring on-site security operatives. This is a great option if you’re managing both multiple properties or an individual one you want high-security for. Security operatives on 24-hour patrol will keep watch over your property at all times and can even reside in the premises in adapted quarters for rapid response and security, reacting immediately if anything suspicious occurs. They will also notify police directly if they see any suspicious activity. This helps reduce the risk of anyone breaking in unseen and undetected. Operators have access to around the clock support and can call in backup at any time if their situation becomes unsafe.

5. Live-in Caretakers or ‘Property Guardians’

For a longer-term solution, having live-in property guardians who reside in the building for a period of time can provide the best possible protection for keeping your empty property safe, secure and well-maintained whilst mitigating the risks of squatters and vandalism. Our property guardians are only the most socially responsible people who care for your property whilst benefiting from affordable accommodation. A win-win situation for both parties and we will do all of the work for you!

How to Protect your Vacant Property with LOWE

Protect the value of your vacant property with our range of security service options or property guardianship scheme. At The LOWE Group, we pride ourselves on cost effective solutions to protecting empty properties from unwanted damage, anti-social behaviour and costly business rates.

If you have a premises that has recently become vacant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team and learn more about how we can best help you.