Joseph Buhat

Lettings Consultant


Joseph is one of our Lettings Consultants, collaborating closely with Lauren to ensure the selection of the most socially-minded individuals, including key workers, professionals, and creatives, are moved into our buildings. Joe actively manages viewings and personally meets with all applicants, carefully selecting the most suitable candidates for each property, as well as offering comprehensive support to licensees, cultivating strong relationships, and assisting them in finding properties that align with their specific needs. In addition to this, Joe is responsible for conducting thorough vetting, encompassing DBS checks, referencing & ID verification. 

“Coming from a creative background, I understand the importance of nurturing a creative spirit. Not only am I able to help provide safe, affordable alternative accommodations for key workers and young professionals without comprimising quality, but we are also fostering inspiring environments for creatives, where they can grow their practice and ideas into reality.” 

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