Vacant Property Security Services

Protect your Vacant Property with our Security Services

We offer a bespoke service to provide vacant property security and protection. Prices are supplied on request, so contact us today for a free quotation and consultation report with our recommendations on how we can secure your empty property. Pleas take a look at our vacant property security services below:

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Security in Residence

Our on-site security operatives stay overnight in the property in adapted residential quarters to ensure 24-hour security and a round-the-clock response (if required). Our NSI Gold and ACS certified resident SIA security service includes risk analysis, property protection, monitored surveillance, management and reporting.

Crosland Place, Battersea


We offer property owners with caretaking services for vacant but habitable properties. Live-in caretakers or guardians are a highly effective way of securing your property. Caretakers afford our clients a cost-effective solution to lowering insurance premiums, as well as protection from squatting, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Lawrence, LOWE Guardian


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Manned Guarding Services

Our Manned Guarding services provides the strongest protection for our clients and their vacant property. Our professional team supports our clients when squatting, vandalism or anti-social behaviour becomes problematic in vacant buildings, and we provide the necessary presence in vacant buildings to deter and prevent crime.

Vacant Property Alarms & Key Holding Services

Our key holding, alarm and response service provides a rigorous three-stepped approach to protecting and securing our clients’ vacant buildings. Our robust wireless alarm systems can be installed without affecting the fabric of the building and on a short-term basis if required.

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